Business Consultation

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Does your business want to expand it's diversity training and create a safe and affirming environment? Does a culture that is based on excellence and can compete in modern times valuable to your organization?

Has your organization experienced a crisis that is impacting your culture or do you want to create a workplace that is based upon principles of mental wellness?

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Diversity Training

Caliber Consulting offers diversity trainings for organizations, leadership teams, small groups and professionals. The trainings can be as formal or casual as needed and space is always given for folx to ask the questions they don't feel comfortable asking elsewhere.

Crisis Response

Caliber Consulting offers  support to organizations that have experienced a tragedy or crisis. The death of a co-worker, an accident in the workplace, a crime committed on site or other event that effects your team can have a long term impact without support and intentional processing.

Building a Mental Health Culture

Caliber Consulting offers organizations the opportunity to create and implement plans that increase the mental health of their team members and increase their success as a company.


Caliber Consulting offers specialized consultation that is customized to your organization. Let us know your needs and we would love to discuss what we can offer.