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Clinical Supervision

Are you a LPCC who is seeking supervision that supports your personal and professional growth and is customized to help you reach your goals?


Do you desire supervision that is trauma informed, celebrates neurodiversity, boldly acknowledges places of oppression and privilege and embraces gender and sexual diversity? If this sounds like the foundation you want to build upon, Jess would love to meet you.


Diversity focused

Caliber Counseling provides supervision that is focused on diversity. We celebrate diverse counselors and want to be part of their support in achieving their license. Jess identifies as trans/NB and they are especially passionate about providing supervision for clinicians who are queer or who want to work with queer clients.

Crisis Response

Caliber Counseling provides supervision that has a strong basis of comfort with clients in crisis and clients experiencing suicidality. Jess will help prepare you to support your nervous system so that you can support your clients in a way that is empowering to them and respectful to your needs. Jess is also passionate about preparing clinicians with a First Responder background for the world of mental health. 

Building a Mental Health Culture

Caliber Counseling is passionate about supporting the mental health culture through training, coaching and somatic support. Jess believes that mental health providers need spaces that are vast and stable to be able to process and express what they experience as part of their job.


Caliber Counseling offers specialized consultation on the topics of queer competent counseling, gender affirming letter writing, first responder counseling and the response and support of client with suicidal ideation. Jess also offers training and consultation on entrepreneurship and business creation.

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