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Caliber uses an intensive model to give you the time and individual focus you need to honor your story, work with trauma and move towards the life you want to live. Our intensives can be as short as 3 hours or as long as 3 days depending on your needs and where you live. Our intensives page has far more of the gritty details for you.

We believe that your autonomy is of the utmost importance and we are actively seeking ways to decrease the power imbalance that is so common in the mental health field. The experience you have with Caliber will be designed to honor you and customized to meet your needs. We don't shy away from trauma, dissociation, suicidality or the hard questions that you are wrestling with.

We specialize in partnering with folks who are used to holding the space for others, are in high profile jobs and have driven personalities. Jess specializes in working with queer folks, first responders and cult (high demand/high control group) survivors. If the tradition model of therapy isn't right for you or if you are seeking a powerful addition to your current work, we just might be a good fit! 

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