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Jess will provide services to anyone who is interested in being heard and seeing results.

We specialize in treatment of high visibility, public service clients (LE, EMS, Fire, lawyers, counselors etc) and those that identify as part of the LBGTQ+/ queer community.


Jess provides a straightforward, trauma informed, highly confidential approach for those who need a large space and want results. We also work with those who are facing mental health symptoms from a head injury (or concussion) and those struggling with somatic (body symptoms).


We do not accept insurance. This allows us to keep costs affordable and maintain your confidentiality.

     Our hourly rate is $100 an hour. We can discuss a sliding scale fee if you are not able to afford this rate. We offer a discounted rate to those actively working in first responder roles. Jess contracts with some organizations that assist with/provide services and will occasionally do single case agreements.

     We accept cash and card- payment is due prior to each session. . Please contact us for a free consultation and the answer any questions you may have.


 YOU are the priority, please feel free to address any specific concerns you have entering into therapy and how we can best respect all the elements of you.

We are a queer friendly, diversity embracing practice. 

Jess worked as a first responder in their past careers and considers it their honor to hold space for as much darkness, anger, pain and desperation as you may need to bring. You are never 'too much', your thoughts are never too dark and your feelings are never inappropriate.

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